Darkfield Microscopy Services

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Siphonospora PolimorfaDarkfield Microscopy is a way of studying blood cells by means of a microscope equipped with a special condenser. The image can be projected on to a video screen and stored in a computer, to be subsequently compared with reference models using specialized software.


Darkfield Microscopy permits much enhanced morphological vision of the shape, the dimensions and the behavour of the blood cells which can be of great significance for the dynamic study of the biology of the organism.

The use of this particular technology for Live Blood Analysis requires staff constant training over the years as well as appropriate qualifications.

Live Blood Analysis

Sangue patologicoLive Blood Analysis is an imaging technique and not a diagnostic procedure for a particular pathology. It is a screening procedure which shows how a given individual’s diet and life style may affect his/her health and gives precise suggestions for corrective action. Chronic diseases can be prevented by a nutritional intervention.

The technique provides the following information:

  • Test of dimension and shape of erythrocytes
  • Erythrocyte oxygenation
  • Presence of symbionts or blood parasites
  • Completeness of blood cell membranes
  • Vital blood resistance
  • Presence of metabolic toxins
  • Presence of fungi or bacteria
  • Acute, chronic or regressive inflammations

Our laboratory, which is equipped with this cutting-edge technology, has considerable experience of performing darkfield microscopic examinations with optimal results.

Phase-contrast microscopy

Phase-contrast microscopy is also used to analyze a dry blood drop, for the “Bolen-Heitan test” and provides the following information:

  • Biological age
  • Damage to free radicals
  • Inflammatory terrain prone to chronic diseases

The report is furnished with colour photographs of the most important detailsi